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TecnoPMVA (from the Spanish acronym for Autonomous Variable Message Panel) is the commercial name of a solution developed by Tecnoseñal for the road sector. It is an automated information system presented as an ideal tool for controlling multiple traffic surveillance and regulation variables. TecnoPMVA, broadly speaking, has detected a series of control variables that affect traffic (meteorological variables, vehicle density, speed control, environmental conditions, etc.) and, depending on the ranges defined for each variable, a series of messages can be automatically generated that will arrive directly and, in real-time, to all the parties involved. The information will allow for decision-making, and the advance with which this information is received will allow for the decisions to be more appropriate. TecnoPMVA is a system that can be programmed so that this entire process is carried out automatically. In addition, it offers an important innovation compared to conventional panels: it will be powered autonomously through photovoltaic solar panels. The need for an electrical connection for its operation will become a thing of the past, and with it, the inability to signal in remote places where it was previously impossible due to the lack of electricity.
Project co-financed, within the Innova Adelante programme, by:


  • Tecnoseñal is renowned as a socially responsible company towards people with disabilities that takes into account not only the compliance with regulations, but also the application of non-discrimination and equal opportunity policies in all recruitment processes, access to employment, promotion and training.

  • Tecnoseñal has received the Great Place To Work certification, which acknowledges that its corporate culture is based on trust, quality relationships between employees and managers, and has competitive human resources practices and policies. The framework identifies five basic dimensions in the workplace: credibility, respect, pride, camaraderie and fairness.

  • TECNOSEÑAL is committed to conduct a legal, moral, fair, sustainable and responsible business activity. This commitment is evidenced in its compliance policy and its participation in the United Nations Global Compact. This commitment is yearly renewed, in a continuous process of improvement.

  • Double recognition to TECNOSEÑAL for the INTEGRATION LABOR of disabled people. The first prize went to TECNOSEÑAL, which also won the Special Integration Award for women with disabilities.


by the minister of economy

  • G05f Systems for regulating electric or magnetic variables.
  • G06f Electric digital data processing.
  • I06f Low tension distribution.
  • I09e Electrical installations without specific qualification.
  • O01d Building maintenance and preservation.
  • O05d Maintenance and preservation of urban furniture.
  • L05d Organization and promotion of conferences, fairs and exhibitions.